Saturday, May 26, 2007

I Love Latkas

Would you give up your routine for adventure? Alright, that's an easy one.
Would you leave your comfort zone for "true love?" Also not a tuffy, okay, here goes:
Would you move to a far away country where you'll always be a foreigner, leave all your friends and family, any semblance of a career, a city you adore, semi-equal gender status, and most of your favorite foods, to live in the third world with a guy who looks a bit like Andy Kaufman?

I think I may. I'm in love in Buenos Aires and like I told him, I can't stay another three months. I'm going back to NYC to work and be in the summer and I'm excited to go back to the greatest city in the world. And he loves NYC but he doesn't want to move. I'm going back to Alphabet City for the summer and I might move to Buenos Aires next year. Maxi-taxi asked me to move in with him and I'm considering it. Would you? If you weren't looking for it but it was just right?

Would you be Argentine? And be urban in a city with a subway, the traffic of Los Angeles circa 1975, and where a house in a great neighborhood is 100K? Where daycare is inexpensive and in cute houses with gardens and where people love kids in restaurants? Would you move to a place without gun violence or chronic obesity or chrystal meth? Where people believe in astrology and therapy and everybody sings at sporting events? And where everyone you love is far away - except for one.

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zaheda said...

it is serendipity, my dear. i cannot wait to see you.

annush said...

i love this post...sorry it took me so long to read it.

I would trade any old place, no matter how wonderful, for the person because a city can grow on you but people...Uff!


Ana :)

maxi said...

pense que estar sin vos iba a ser mas simple, pero los dias sin vos se volvieron extraños...
no quiero ser cheesy!! pero me cuesta no decirte que te exraño y que queiro dormir con vos... que te quiero llamar, pasar a buscar, ir a comer, cantar blues en la al habia leido este blog y hoy, luego de llamarte a NY y no poder hablar con vos, entro aca y lo veo. Creo que tenemos que estar junto, y hoy no me importa donde sea eso...NY, Bs verdad no lo se...pero se que quiero que sea con vos
te amo hermosa

Ally said...

What maxi said...I think.

Seriously, why not?