Thursday, June 10, 2010

Last Call from Argentina

good photos by Aaron Firestein,

I'm writing this to you from California, where I've stopped over before heading home to New York City. This is my last blog about Buenos Aires.

When I talk about the past three years I'm smiling and earnest, I'm in love with the city and its people and it is so hard to leave it behind. I hope I've been able to spread some of its magic, and that visiting the land of steak and tango is on your list.

29 of you visited me during the 3 years I lived in San Telmo and I loved getting to share your good times along with my own.

I already miss the language, the people, the steak and the cobblestone streets. I miss the sound of the city, the kisses hello and goodbye, the calm way people interact. There was a safety in Buenos Aires, like the strangers around me took care of me. They did it, I believe, by being content in a way. The people on the subway trains and in cafes were less lonely, anxious, or angry than any city crowd I've ever encountered. They taught me how to cope with, comfort, and contain myself while the city satisfied nostalgic cravings with its trove of vintage treasures.

For me, Buenos Aires is nurturing, stylish and wise. It is a long lost love, time traveling to paint the town.

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Jen said...

You captured it! BA misses you, too. xoxo